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(CNN) — There is only one fairytale story in Spanish soccer this escort bayan season, but will it have a happy ending?
Forget Atletico Madrids first league title for 18 years, disregard its city neighbor Real concluding an exhaustive wait for La Decima — a 10th European Champions League crown.
Because this season is all about the Miracle of Eibar.
The Basque town has a population of just 27,000 and the club a budget dwarfed by almost all its rivals, yet back-to-back promotions have banked Eibar a place in the big time.
Having already guaranteed a top-tier place, Eibar also claimed the Spanish second division title after second-placed Deportivo La Coruna lost 3-1 at Girona on Saturday.
For the first time in its 74-year history Eibar will compete in La Liga next season, rubbing shoulders with Real Madrid and Barcelona as well as local rivals Real Sociedad and Athletic Bilbao.
I dont know if miracles exist but this is something close to a miracle, Alex Aranzabal, club president since 2009, told CNN.
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However, amid all the emotion and reverence there is a bitter tinge, because like every famous fairytale fable, the threat of tragedy lurks in the background.
Despite being self-sustaining and completely free of debt — unlike a host of other Spanish clubs — Eibar could actually be relegated to the third tier of Spanish football.
A 1999 decree requires every team to have a capital equal to 25% of the average expenses of all sides in the second division, excluding the two clubs with the biggest outgoings and the two with the smallest.
That has hoisted the financial bar way above the head of Eibar, which has responded by launching a share issue to raise the €1.7 million ($2.3 million) needed to take a place at Spains top table.
Unsurprisingly, Aranzabal is unimpressed.
While he runs an admittedly small but undoubtedly tight ship, the estimated combined debts of Real Madrid and Barcelona amount to not far off €1 billion ($1.36 billion).
Even though we have a small budget, we have a different economic model to other clubs in Spain, Aranzabal told CNN. We have less expenses, fewer outgoings and we always have a small deficit.
This is something really strange in Spain because almost every team has huge debt, but in our case we have no debt.
We think it is really unfair because the law was established to assure that all those clubs with a lot of debt had a minimum capital value to attend to all their debts.
In our case we dont have any debt.
Special model
I dont know if miracles exist but this is something close to a miracle
Alex Aranzabal, Eibar president
The clubs story has struck a chord with football-loving people the world over, and support has been flooding in for its Defend Eibar campaign.
Over €1.25 million ($1.7 million) has already been raised, the clubs tentacles spreading far and wide thanks to pledges from China, Australia, Argentina, England, Ireland and many more countries.
Crucially, no investor can purchase more than €100,000 worth of shares, ensuring Eibars principles are kept intact.
We want the team to remain for the people — this is one of the ideas of our special model, Aranzabal explains.
We very much appreciate all the help we have had — it has been surprising for us, a small club in a small town in the Basque mountains.
We have discovered that we have a story to tell and that people want hear stories like this, that we are fighting against this rule and we have achieved something big.
I hope we will get the money but we have to keep going — if we relax it is the shortest way to failure. It will be difficult but we will get it.
Humility and hard work
The question of finance festering in the background has done little to dilute the delirium among Eibar supporters, which pretty much counts as every single inhabitant of the town.
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Since being formed in 1940 in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War, the club has never won a major trophy and only flirted with promotion to La Liga once, in the 2004-05 campaign.
A teenage David Silva, now a star for the world champion Spanish national side and English Premier League winner Manchester City, was among its ranks then, as was Gaizka Garitano, the clubs current manager.
He has led the Armeros to successive promotions, sticking steadfastly to a culture and identity that has long pervaded the club — one that embodies the spirit of the tiny town that is equidistant from Bilbao and San Sebastian.
The secret to their success has been humility, hard work and above everything the spirit of the team, says Unai Eraso, an Eibar native who attended his first match at the age of four.
No-one is above any other. This is indicative of Eibars culture. The older players teach the younger players how to behave, how to work, how to be a team player.
These young guys when they become older, they will do the same. It is a culture that is passed down from generation to generation.
This year is a like a dream. Under no circumstances did we imagine of getting to La Liga. This is a real miracle.
All for one, one for all
Mikel Madinabeitia, a journalist with El Diario Vasco, is similarly gushing about the class of 2013-14 and their achievements.
This is football and it is a dream machine. Football is the only sport that allows such things, it would be impossible in basketball or athletics, he told CNN.
This is football and it is a dream machine. It is the only sport that allows such things
Mikel Madinabeitia, El Diario Vasco
Its a typical rags to riches story. I wrote in my newspaper Eibar has been the DArtagnan of the second division, with that famous catchphrase All for one and one for all.
There are no celebrities in this team, no millionaires. Jota Peleteiro is like the artist of the group, similar to David Silva, who played at Eibar. Hes so creative.
Promotion may have brought unconfined joy to Eibar, but aside from the financial conundrum, it has also thrown up a different web of problems.
Such is Eibars size and budget, that a summer overhaul is needed if it is to have a chance of holding its own against the best 19 teams in Spain.
It will be so difficult next season because the competition is so different, Madinabeitia said.
Eibar will be the smallest town in the history of La Liga, with the smallest budget. They will have to change 50% of the team. They have a difficult summer ahead.
Real Madrid and Barcelona play in another dimension and there are another set of clubs who play for Europe. If they avoid relegation it will be the most important achievement of Eibar.
Welcoming the superstars
But that is for another day. Now it is all about raising the money and daring to dream about life in La Liga alongside the soccer elite.
United States soccer coach Jurgen Klinsmann has no problem with his players having sex during the forthcoming World Cup in Brazil. I think we have a group of guys together and an environment together that is very open, very casual, said the German. But once we go on the field for training and also for the games, we are very serious and down to business.
Klinsmann knows what it takes to win World Cup, having lifted the famous trophy as a part of West Germanys victorious Italia 90 team.
Mexico coach Miguel Herrera is hoping his players exercise a little restraint during their time in Brazil. If a player cant go one month or 20 days without having sexual relations, then they are not prepared to be a professional player, he told Mexican newspaper Reforma.
Safet Susic has reportedly told his Bosnia-Herzegovina team that there will be no sex in Brazil. The Bosnian coach did add that he would allow his players to masturbate.
Luis Felipe Scolari is hoping his Brazil team can live up to all that is expected of them during the tournament. He has no problem with his players having sex, as long as they dont try anything too acrobatic.
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The 23rd edition of the Annual Review of Football Finance published Thursday shows that the total European football market grew to a record £17.1 billion ($28.65 billion) in 2012-13.
Premier League clubs, including current champion Manchester City, generated the highest revenue in Europe at £2.5 billion ($4.19 billion) in 2012-13.
The Bundesliga remained Europes most profitable league with operating profits of £226 million ($379 million), followed by the Premier League, with operating profits of £82 million ($137.3 million).
According to the report, Spains top-flight clubs generated £1.6 billion ($2.68 billion) during 2012-13.
In Italy, Serie A generated a total of £1.4 billion ($2.35 billion).
French champion Paris Saint-Germain might be flush with cash but the countrys top division only managed to bring in £1.1 billion ($1.84 billion) — the lowest of the top five European leagues.
Of the £2.5 billion net debt in the Premier League, almost two-thirds (£1.6 billion/$2.68 billion) is in the form of non-interest-bearing soft loans of which over 90% related to four clubs, including Roman Abramovichs Chelsea at £984 million ($1.65 billion).
The British governments tax take from Englands top 92 professional football clubs was around £1.3 billion ($2.17 billion) in 2012-13.
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Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid lifts the Champions League trophy after the teams 4-1 victory over Atletico on May 24 in Lisbon, Portugal.
Iker Casillas lifts the European Champions League trophy after Real Madrids victory.
Ronaldo celebrates his late penalty to round off the scoring in the final against Atletico.
Gareth Bale celebrates his decisive goal to put Real Madrid 2-1 ahead in the final against Atletico.
Atleticos Diego Godin puts his side 1-0 up over Real Madrid during their match in Lisbon.
Casillas makes a desperate attempt to keep out Godins header as his side fell behind in the Champions League final.
Bale holds his head in his hands in disbelief after wasting Reals best chance of the first half against Atletico.
Cristiano Ronaldo shows his frustration as he tries to get his team back into the Champions League final.
Sergio Ramos celebrates his injury-time equalizer in the Champions League final in Lisbon.
Atletico fans react during the match.
Real Madrid wins Champions League
Real Madrid wins Champions League
Real Madrid wins Champions League
Real Madrid wins Champions League
Real Madrid wins Champions League
Real Madrid wins Champions League
Real Madrid wins Champions League
Real Madrid wins Champions League
Real Madrid wins Champions League
Real Madrid wins Champions League
Real Madrid wins Champions League
The first day of the season will be very emotional. A day to talk about for all the days of your life, Madinabeitia said.
It will be the happiest day of the season when Barcelona come to Ipurua, a historic day.
Real Madrid played here in the cup some years ago, but not Barcelona. You can imagine the emotion of watching Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo at Ipurua.
Aranzabal has barely had time to revel in the clubs achievements, being swamped with media requests from around the world as well as spearheading the Defend Eibar campaign.
But the president is determined this historic opportunity wont see a shift in his clubs philosophy.
We wont go crazy wasting a lot of money on getting very expensive players, Aranzabal said. We want to maintain our team philosophy and do things as we have been doing all these years.
We will try to adapt to the new situation but without getting crazy. We want to stick to our guns and be true to our history.
Thanks to the record-breaking achievements of their players, it is a history that is becoming far more widely known.
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eskort depending part on more

Googles self-driving cars will be designed to exceed maximum speed limits, in a move to improve safety.The lead engineer for eskort the project has revealed the vehicles will go 10mph (16km) faster than the speed limit.The purpose is to avoid the Google car being significantly slower than speeding vehicles around it, which would increase the risk of an accident.
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California-based Googles driverless cars, unveiled in June (shown), will be able to speed on roads. This was revealed by lead software engineer Dmitri Dolgov in a test drive. The cars will be capable of going 10 mph (16 km/h) above the speed limit, which will allow them to match the speed of other cars for safer driving LAW CHANGES TO SUIT DRIVERLESS VEHICLES AROUND THE WORLD In the US driverless cars are only allowed on roads in certain states if someone sits in the drivers seat.The California Department of Motor Vehicles is expected to start granting licences to certain driverless cars and their human co-pilots as soon as September.Changes to the United Nations Convention on Road Traffic, which dates back to 1968, are also afoot.It used to state: Every driver shall at all times be able to control his vehicle or to guide his animals.An amendment agreed in May would allow a car to drive itself, as long as the system can be overridden or switched off by the driver.A driver must be present and able to take the wheel at any time.The convention covers European countries, Mexico, Chile, Brazil and Russia, although not the United States, Japan or China.  Dmitri Dolgov, the lead software engineer for the project, said research showed that sticking to the speed limit when other cars are speeding can be dangerous.Therefore, the car’s speed would be altered depending on traffic conditions, Reuters reports.
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The same
radar and camera system used for collision avoidance would be used to
monitor the speed of other cars and match to them accordingly.There will be a limit, however, and if another car is dramatically speeding then Googles driverless car will go no faster.But
Mr Dolgov did not elaborate on how the feature would work with speed cameras or
mobile police, and whether it could incur a speeding fine.
Google hopes the autonomous cars will drastically reduce accidents on the roads.Thousands and thousands of people are killed in car accidents every year, said Mr Dolgov.This [the car] could change that.In June, it was announced that driverless cars would be allowed on British roads in six months.

The UK government will allow the first trials of computer-controlled cars to start in January 2015, as part of a move to update the law to allow driverless cars. Ministers have previously admitted that the current Highway Code and rules of the road are inadequate for the new generation of vehicles (press image shown)The Government will allow the first trials of computer-controlled cars to start in January 2015, as part of a move to update the law to allow driverless cars on UK roads.Ministers have previously admitted that the current Highway Code and rules of the road are inadequate for the new generation of vehicles which pilot themselves.The vehicles work by using GPS technology to locate the vehicle’s position on an electronic map. In June, Google unveiled its computerised ‘hands-free’ self-driving bubble car, which has no steering wheel, brake or accelerator pedals. Instead, it has buttons for start, pull over and emergency stop and a computer screen showing the planned route. Google says the goal is for the car to ‘shoulder the entire burden of driving’.
The prototype two-seater cars have buttons to autonomously begin and end the drive.
The car makes turns and react to other vehicles and pedestrians based on computer programs that predict what others might do, and data from sensors including radar and cameras that read in real time what other objects are actually doing.
The route might be set by typing a destination into a map or using spoken commands according to Chris Urmson, the leader of Googles self-driving car team.
The car will be powered by electricity and could go about 100 miles (160 km) before charging.
Its shape suggests a rounded-out Volkswagen Beetle – something that might move people around a corporate campus or congested downtown – with headlights and sensors arrayed to resemble a friendly face.The front of the vehicle has a soft foam-like material where a traditional bumper would be and a more flexible windscreen, in a bid to be safer for pedestrians.In these prototypes speed is restricted to 25mph (40 km/h) and the ability to self-drive will depend on specifically designed Google road maps tested on the company’s current fleet of vehicles.Ultimately the vehicles will be faster and will be able to use Googles extended maps service.Driving works by using GPS technology to locate the vehicle’s exact position on an electronic map. A combination of radar, lasers and cameras sitting on top of the roof give the car a 360-degree ‘view’, with sensors linked to computer software able to ‘see’ and identify people, cars, road signs and markings and traffic lights.
Read more:
Look, no hands! Test driving a Google car
| Reuters

Businesses of menu fat escort

What’s so special about a restaurant’s ‘daily special’? It’s a familiar ritual. You’re sitting down, you’ve been handed the menu escort and the waitress launches into a florid description of an item that isn’t printed on the sheet she gave you.If escort you’re lucky, the ‘special’ is just that, something delicious that the chef has whipped up from fresh ingredients that caught his eye at the market this morning.But very often the special — or ‘chef’s  recommendation’, or ‘dish of the day’ — is special only because it’s the most profitable item on sale, and the restaurant knows it will sell many more if the waitress singles it out for attention.Scroll down for video

Whether we like it or not, restaurants are playing mind games with us,
involving by their menus – a very sophisticated form of advertising –
and their specials
Restaurants also know that most diners are too shy or embarrassed to ask for the price of the special — and, guess what, the waitress ‘forgot’ to mention what the dish will cost you. The fake special is just one of the secret  weapons restaurants deploy to make us spend more than we intend to when we go out to eat.In fact, the tricks begin as soon as you’re handed the menu, according to William Poundstone, author of Priceless: The Myth Of Fair Value, a new book on how businesses exploit their customers. He has spent years examining the psychology behind ‘menu engineering’. That’s the name of the secret way restaurants try to encourage us to choose the most expensive dishes they sell. And because we don’t know they’re doing it, they’re nearly always successful. For, whether we like it or not, every time we go out to eat, the restaurants are playing mind games with us — while we remain, mostly, innocently oblivious.The tricks begin as soon as you are handed the menu… Whether we like it or not, the restaurants are playing mind games with us
 ‘People rarely go into restaurants knowing exactly what they want to order or how much they want to spend,’ explains Mr Poundstone. ‘And we can be influenced by all sorts of things that we’re not aware of.’At the centre of all this is the  humble menu. You might think that the restaurant menu merely tells you what items are available in a certain establishment. Actually, it is a very sophisticated piece of advertising. In fact, it’s  the only piece of advertising that restaurant owners can be certain their customers will read.As a result, restaurants invite in ‘menu consultants’ whose job it is to lay out a menu that will persuade you to spend more money than you’d expected. 
Yes, you CAN get ready in 15 minutes! Stop your husband moaning with these new high-speed home treatments 
Can eating fatty meat, whole milk and lashings of butter help you LOSE weight? Best-selling author claims saturated fat is actually good for you but nutritionist say adopting her diet would be a tragic mistake
Another key trick is known as ‘anchoring’. This is where a restaurant places a highly expensive dish prominently on the menu — solely in order to make the other dishes nearby appear relatively cheap.At Marco Pierre White’s Marco Grill in London, there’s a 35oz Tomahawk steak on sale for £70. Restaurants do not expect to sell many of these costly ‘anchor’ items, says Poundstone. That is not their job — instead they are simply there to make the other dishes look like good value.Suddenly spending £21 on a plate of Marco’s grilled Dorset lemon sole doesn’t seem so outlandish. A lot of research has also gone into where we look when we first open a menu. It’s estimated that we read a menu for 109 seconds on average.Studies have shown that when presented with a list we remember best the item at the very start, and the one at the end — it’s the way our memories work. We will also turn our eyes first to the top right-hand corner of a page in front of us, whether it be a double-page or single-sheet menu. So that corner, of course, is usually where the most profitable items are placed.
Poundstone says some of the other techniques are so commonplace, they seem unremarkable. Why might an item on the menu have a box around it? It’s not because it’s a dish the chef is particularly proud of, it’s because it earns a high profit for the restaurant.Alternatively, the menu might use other methods to draw our attention: an item in a different colour; an accompanying illustration; a  different typeface.Professor Charles Spence, a  psychologist at Oxford University, is the co-author of The Perfect Meal: The Multisensory Science Of Food And Dining, and alert to the techniques in play.‘I was in the burger restaurant Byron the other day,’ he says. ‘The menu is all in black and white, except for one item, which is highlighted in bright red. And it’s their most expensive item.’Professor Spence says that people are also likely to spend more if menus — and especially wine lists — are heavy to handle. And of course, even the words that menus use can persuade us to splash out.  At the restaurant chain Giraffe —which was bought last year for £49 million by Tesco, a company that knows all about parting us from our cash — the toast is ‘artisan sourdough toast’, the chicken  nuggets have a ‘sesame crunch coating’ and the salsa is ‘fiery red roasted chipotle salsa’.  Meanwhile the bresaola at Jamie Oliver’s Jamie’s Italian is ‘elegant slices of cured beef’ and at West End eaterie The Ivy, in London, there’s an ‘heirloom tomato salad’ and the carrots and beetroots are both labelled ‘heritage’.Professor Spence says: ‘There’s research that demonstrates that if you give food a more descriptive label, people will enjoy it more — and they’ll also pay more for it.’ One common example of this is to attach somebody’s name to a dish. At  Randall & Aubin restaurant in  London’s Soho, they serve ‘slow roast Aubrey Allen pork belly’.Few, if any, of the punters will  realise who Aubrey Allen is. For all anyone knows, it could be the name of the boy who sweeps up the pork fat in the abattoir. In fact, it’s the name of the butcher — based in a Coventry business park — who supplied the meat.
The chefs recommendation or dish of the day is special because it is the most profitable item on sale – and the restaurant knows it will sell more if the waitress singles it our for attention (stock image)
‘This is a classic technique,’ says Professor Spence. ‘It could be any name there at all. But attaching the words “Aubrey Allen” makes the dish feel like it’s more carefully chosen. It’s not just any old pork belly. And that allows them to put a premium on it.’If it’s any comfort, it’s not just us poor punters who are victims of these mean tricks. Restaurateur Russell Norman is the owner of a string of successful restaurants in London, including Polpo in Notting Hill. He is also innocent of all the sales ploys detailed here (except one: his menus do not use pound signs).‘My pet hate is the use of hyperbole on menus,’ he says. ‘When chefs or restaurateurs describe dishes as “delicious”, “mouth-watering” or “gorgeous”, I always think: “How dare you! I will be the judge of that, thank you very much.” ’But the other day, while on holiday in New York, even he fell victim  to ‘anchoring’. Visiting a restaurant, he was  mulling over which wine to choose from a list which featured several bottles that cost $2,500 (£1,500). ‘And because they had so many bottles that cost so much, I ended up buying a bottle of wine for $90 (£54). That’s nearly double what I’d  normally spend. But they’d made it look cheap by comparison.‘I’m a restaurateur — and I was still suckered!’ 

Than know after comment evden eve nakliyat profound

(CNN) — Robin Williams touched more people emotionally than he will ever know.
After the news broke that the beloved comedic evden eve nakliyat actor had taken his own life on Monday, hundreds of tributes poured in to CNN iReport. Many were from people who had met him over the years.
Gottfried: You had to be on your toes
Comic Relief founder remembers Williams
I told him that I have waited 30 years for this moment and that it was an honor. This look came over his face like that comment had really touched him, said Dan McMaster, who met Williams during his Weapons of Self-Destruction tour in 2009.
From a surprise hug for a woman during a stand-up comedy show to visiting a dying child to fulfill her last wish, the stories of how Williams affected those he met were profound. The actor was a longtime supporter of St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital and a big supporter of the United Service Organizations, or USO, which provides support and morale-boosting performances to U.S. troops and their families.
The gallery above features just some of the people who have shared their photos and memories of the star. If you ever had the opportunity to meet Williams, we invite you to share your stories with CNN iReport.
Williams was truly Patch Adams

Ravindra escort bayan ‘we lot tests poised

Alastair Cook has said he is happy with Jimmy Anderson’s on-field behaviour and will not be asking the leader of escort bayan his attack to tone down the verbals in Thursday’s fourth Investec Test in Manchester.Cook’s defence of Anderson came only a escort bayan couple of hours after the ICC chief executive David Richardson said he would not be appealing against Justice Gordon Lewis’s decision to exonerate both Anderson and Ravindra Jadeja following their set-to in the Trent Bridge pavilion last month.But Richardson also warned that there was there was ‘no place in the game for the use of offensive language that is personally insulting of one player by another’ – a statement that seemed aimed squarely at Anderson following events in Nottingham.
ICC satisfied with Anderson and Jadeja ruling and will not appeal 
Cricket fixture list schedule is punishing on the players and unfair on the fans paying 
THE TOP SPIN: England vs India is perfectly poised… thank God its a five-Test series
England cricket stars face BURN OUT after being asked to play 17 Tests in nine months by greedy moneymen 
Gary Ballance has learnt his lesson after drunken celebrations let England down
‘The way both sides have played this series has been fantastic, about from that one incident which has been blown up. Both sides have been very competitive and played it in the right spirit.‘Every time you pull on the shirt you’re role models for kids. We’re aware of that, but we want to play competitive cricket, not nicey nicey, and everyone say you’re playing in the right spirit. There’s always that muddied line.‘We want to play competitive cricket, don’t need to change too much. I am happy with Jimmy Anderson and his conduct. There are little bits where he might have overstepped the mark but I’d rather he was on that line than too passive. He needs that for his bowling.
Back up off the floor: Cook was boosted by his own performance and that of his team in the win over India
Recipe for success: Cook will look to build on the victory at the Ageas Bowl‘Jimmy’s an experienced cricketer and he’s found his method that he needs to be England’s second-leading wicket taker. Im pretty sure hell be Englands leading wicket taker very soon and thats an outstanding achievement. Hes found his way of doing it.‘I know it’s very special for him to play at a home Test match. For him to be playing here means a lot for him. That was his biggest concern, that he wouldn’t be able to play at Old Trafford.’Cook also praised Steven Finn for fighting back from a situation in Australia where he was deemed ‘unselectable’. Finn could play his first Test for 13 months if he’s picked on a surface that is expected to suit his height and bounce – with Chris Jordan the man most likely to miss out.Cook said: ‘It’s great, from where I last saw him in an England shirt in that one-day tour, to what he’s now delivering for Middlesex, and briefly how bowled to us in the nets at Lord’s and here these last two days as well.‘It’s great for English cricket that he’s back to his best. He’s very different to what we’ve got. He’s a tall bowler who when he gets it right bowls at 90mph. That’s a good thing to add to the pot. It’s been a very tough six months for him personally to fight through it, and I think he’ll be a stronger bloke for it. It should bode well for his cricket.’
Happier now: Steven Finn knocks in a stump using an implement with a smiley face as he trains with England
Not Finnished: The tall fast bowler sends one down as he looks to be included in the side for the fourth Test
Fall guy: Should Finn come back into the England side, Chris Jordan is likely to miss outMeanwhile, India captain MS Dhoni said he had no regrets over pursuing the case against Anderson, and said it was up to individual captains to control their players.But he said match officials should play a greater role in ensuring the game is played in the right spirit: ‘It’s important that cricket has strong characters – no matter what side they play for. But what needs to be done is for umpires to step in if the individual crosses the line. If the individual stays within the guidelines, it’s good for the game.‘If he carries on being abusive and cannot curb his instincts, he should definitely be punished.’    
ICC satisfied with Anderson and Jadeja ruling and will not appeal 
Cricket fixture list schedule is punishing on the players and unfair on the fans paying 
THE TOP SPIN: England vs India is perfectly poised… thank God its a five-Test series
England cricket stars face BURN OUT after being asked to play 17 Tests in nine months by greedy moneymen 
Gary Ballance has learnt his lesson after drunken celebrations let England down

Likely more admit workplace meanwhile bayan escort

It is the age when, with luck, a career is under way and you are still in touch with friends bayan escort from school or university.
As a result, it is reckoned that 29 years old is the time when we have the biggest circle of friends. through work, social media and old school mates.
Although our closest confidante is still most likely to be an old friend from school days, we actually have more in common with workmates.
New research has found that we have most friends at the age of 29, gathering around 80 friends from work
A third of us admit having more in common with colleagues than friends and family, while 38 per cent have befriended at least 10 people at work.
The research by food supplier Genius Gluten Free found the office is now the most likely place to form relationships due to longer working hours.
High-pressured environments and working with like-minded people also cause people to bond.And it seems you are likely to have most friends from the office if you work in marketing, who count 40 colleagues as pals.
Meanwhile, chefs and cooks have 33, followed by those who serve in the Armed Forces with 32, artists and designers with 27 and those in human resources have 21. 
Can a £25 whitening treatment give you a Hollywood smile?
Thinning hair? Try HALF a wig: They clip on at your crown – and fans say theyre the most natural look yet
For the average Brit though, 17 of our 64 friendships will have been formed in the workplace, while we are still close to 14 of our old school, college or university friends.
A further 14 are people we met through clubs, shared interests and other social activities, according to the study of 1,505 UK adults.
Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne, founder of Genius Gluten Free, said: We wanted to understand how friendships are born in the office.
Interestingly it appears the long hours and high pressured situations we often find ourselves in at work with colleagues actually help us form strong friendships.
The study also suggests going for lunch together is one of the best ways for workers to cement a friendship.
The research found the office is the most likely place to form relationships due to longer working hours
Over a quarter say they wouldn’t consider a colleague a friend until they’d shared a lunch break.
Indeed, 39 per cent of us admit to gossiping over lunch. But it’s not just office chit-chat that bonds us.
For 32 per cent of women, colleagues don’t become friends until they have discussed personal or relationship problems with them.
And for 39 per cent of men, a colleague becomes a friend only once they’ve shared a drink together after work.
Communication and relationship expert Dr Harry Witchel said: We live in unprecedented times, with the growth of social media ever enhancing our friendship circles and longer working hours blurring the line between friends and colleagues.
To have on average over 60 friends, with most of these bonds formed in the workplace, would have been unthinkable only 30 years ago.
But nowadays Brits seem comfortable with ‘blended relationships’ formed in the office outnumbering traditional friendships formed at school, college or university.
Colleagues are no longer just colleagues.
They’re doubling up as pals too as we spend more and more time interacting with co-workers in and out of work, and online, sharing gossip and general chitchat.
Many years ago we wouldn’t have dreamt of divulging such information to anyone other than our best friend.The research also found that office rifts can actually help some work friendships blossom.
Sharing a dislike for a colleague or boss helped 13 per cent of workers form friendships, with those in sales and charity more likely to bond over rivalry in the workplace.
Meanwhile, half of us insist shared interests outside the workplace, such as music and sport, are important for building meaningful friendships.
The top 5 places we’re most likely to find our 64 friends are:
1. The workplace (17)
2. School or college and Uni (14)
3. Social activities and clubs (14)
4. Social Media (13)
5. Other – such as through mutual friends or family connections (6)

Giorgio a escort bayan will magazine

(CNN) — Luis Suarez has promised never to bite a player again after the Uruguayan issued an apology to Italys escort bayan Giorgio Chiellini.
In a carefully worded statement on his official Facebook page, Suarez, who has been hit by a four-month ban by world governing body FIFA for biting the Italian, said he deeply regretted what occurred.
The statement added: I apologize to Giorgio Chiellini and the entire football family.
I vow to the public that there will never again be another incident.
The Liverpool stars punishment, which also includes a nine-match international ban, prohibits him from football-related activities, meaning he will be prevented from training with his teammates until late October.
Suarezs statement on Facebook continued to insist that the bite resulted from a collision with Chiellini.
The Italian defender accepted the apology via Twitter saying the incident was all forgotten before repeating his call for FIFA to @luis16suarez It's all forgotten. I hope FIFA will reduce your suspension.— Giorgio Chiellini (@chiellini) June 30, 2014
In his defence to FIFA, Suarez reportedly said he had lost his balance and had fallen on top of his opponent.
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Following previous indiscretions, Suarez has enjoyed the backing of his club Liverpool.
Suarez has been heavily linked with a move away from Liverpool and, with the 27-year-old set to miss the first nine games of the Premier League season, it remains to be seen whether the Anfield team will continue to stand by its man.
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Bike-sharing escort bayan electric

Madrids version of the Londons Boris bikes suffered another blow to their first week in operation when their system was escort bayan hacked with pornography.The self-service bike-sharing system only began on June 23 and has been riddled with operational issues, but perhaps escort bayan the least dignifying glitch came when many users were shown a picture of an erect penis when using the computer escort bayan touch screens.The operators of the BiciMad system, Bonopark, have acknowledged the rude intrusion of their system but havent commented any escort bayan further.  

On your bike: A man inspects the screens used to hire Madrids BiciMad bikes that were hacked with porn
Powered up: The electronic bikes have had a debut week fraught with technical problems
While the public has been slow to respond to the new introduction to Madrids roads, the BiciMad bikes have one up on Londons Barclay Cycle Hire – theyre electric.
A total of 1,560 bicycles and 3,120 stands across 123 stations have been installed for the booster bikes, which like Boris bikes are available 24/7.  
Think an all-inclusive is better value? New research reveals B&B holidays are up to £300 cheaper in Europes top holiday spots
Holograms instead of staff, bag drop at Starbucks and sonic disrupters so other youre not disturbed by other passengers… what air travel will be like in 2024
Making a splash! Dubai to open underwater theme park designed by art team behind Avatar and Pirates Of The Caribbean
A trainspotters paradise! All aboard the vintage train carriages turned into a seaside hotel on South Africas Garden Route
Chasing away the evil spirits! Amazing pictures show sleepy Himalayan village erupt into colourful Buddhist festival to bring happiness to the world
The name BiciMad was among its first dramas – combining bicicleta (bicycle) and Madrid, the local council didnt seem to consider the English for mad.Price is always going to be a point of contention. Users start with an annual fee of 25 euros (15 for those who subscribe to public transport) and then pay 50 euro cents for the first 30 minutes and 60 additional cents for each half-hour of use. The price rises to 4 euro per hour after that.
While it may seem steep, BiciMads fees are slightly lower than those in Paris and Barcelona.
New introduction: A regular cyclist inspects some of the 1,560 electric bicycles added to the streets of Madrid
Full view: Some screens used to hire the bikes were hacked and showed users a picture of an erect penis

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Christina of rooms connery escort bayan

@andy_murray's Cromlix Hotel…beautiful, luxurious, cosy…and fully booked! #darn @cnnopencourt— Christina Macfarlane (@chrissymacCNN) April 22, 2014
It wasnt something Id thought escort bayan about but I came here for my brothers wedding and about six months to a year later we were told eskort that the hotel was going out of business, Murray told #AndyMurray's New Luxury Hotel Cromlix Scotland open for Business & bayan escort #Tennis with opening offer— Tennis Tourist (@Tennis_Tourist) April 10, 2014
Its nice that a lot of the time when escort I do come back to the various tennis courts and centers they have around here, that the courts are busy and a lot more kids playing tennis. Im happy about that, the 27-year-old says.
Its nice because when we were growing up, the tennis courts around this area never got used, they were empty all of the time.— Christina Macfarlane (@chrissymacCNN) April 23, 2014
Murrays long-term partner Kim Sears has also played a key role in defining the decor of the hotel.
The pair chose the names of the rooms — they went for famous Scots such as the inventor of penicillin Alexander Fleming, actor Sean Connery and former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson.
It was hard to choose the names, confesses Murray.
You dont want to leave anybody out but I thought it would be a nice fun thing to do and luckily Ive got to meet some of the people that the suites are named after. They are great Scottish people.
I might invite them to stay if I bump into them — but they are pretty busy people.
If they do make the trip to the hotel, there is plenty to keep them entertained.
Murray has installed tennis courts which are resplendent in the purple and green colors of Wimbledon — where he will begin the defense of his title next week.
The property has its own loch, which is stocked full of trout for keen fishermen, while there is also the opportunity to take part in some falconry.
@andy_murray first hotel in Scotland? See the pic! @CromlixHotel— Maria Pasholok (@MariaPasholok) April 4, 2014
For now, though, Murray must put all thoughts of silver service to the back of his mind as he returns to the grass courts of Londons SW19, where he also won the Olympic gold medal in 2012.
Last year he claimed the Wimbledon crown with a straight sets win over Novak Djokovic — becoming the first British man to secure a victory on home soil in 77 years.
Until last week, Murray had won 19 consecutive matches on grass before suffering a shock defeat at Queens Club by 35-year-old Czech Radek Stepanek.
That loss came just days after he appointed former Wimbledon womens champion Amelie Mauresmo as his new coach.
Frances ex-world No. 1 will be in his box alongside his mother Judy when Murray opens the grand slam for the very first time.
It will be special, he says.
Its something a lot of past champions have spoken about — going back as the winners of the mens title the previous year.
They open the Centre Court on the Monday so Im sure there will be a lot of pressure and a lot of nerves — but Im looking forward to it.
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escort strategy motorola through huge

Editors note: Leading Women connects you to extraordinary women of our time. Each month, we meet two women at the escort top of their field, exploring their careers, lives and ideas.
(CNN) — Apart from having one of the coolest names in the tech industry, Padmasree Warrior stands out among Silicon Valleys big-wigs.
The Indian-born woman has been hotly-tipped as the next chief of the worlds largest maker of data networking systems — Cisco Systems — the company behind everything from your computers escort bayan router to wireless access points.
She is currently Ciscos Chief Technology and Strategy Officer, an organization boasting an eye-watering $47 billion in revenue.
Mariah Carey on life and philanthropy
PR boss believes in taking risks
Africas Oprah finds her own voice
As one of the most influential people working in the technology industry today, its little wonder Forbes named Warrior the 57th most powerful woman in the world.
Here are five things you might not know about Warrior, who has also served on the board of Chicagos prestigious Joffrey Ballet.
She studied chemicals, not computers. Warrior received a degree in chemical engineering in Delhi, before continuing her studies in New York. The young graduate thought shed eventually go back home to teach — it wasnt to be.
Warrior took a job at telecommunications company Motorola in 1984, and later joined Cisco in 2007.
I now run an internet technology company that has nothing to do with chemicals, she told CNNs Nina dos Santos. At no point in life have I waited for the perfect job to show up… because theres no such thing.
She planned to stay at Motorola 12 months — and left 23 years later. During her two decades at Motorola, Warrior rose to the ranks of executive vice president. While there, the company was awarded the prestigious 2004 National Medal of Technology and Innovation — the first time in the organizations history.
In 2014, its harder to keep up with new technology than ever before, says Warrior.
Ive been in the tech industry for almost 20 years, but I feel right now is probably the most significant time — not only is the pace of change so fast, but the magnitude of change is huge.
Yes, she does log off — and meditates. Just because youre leading one of the biggest computer equipment companies on the planet, doesnt mean you have to be constantly plugged-in.
At the end of each day, mother-of-one Warrior apparently turns off all her electronics and finds 20 minutes to meditate.
Sometimes when theres a door open you just have to push through and walk in
Padmasree Warrior
Shes a Twitter pro. Warrior has a whopping 1.4 million Twitter followers, including U.S. President Barack Obama.
She gives followers an insight into her world outside of the office, posting images of her paintings, novels shes reading, and even her weekend fashion choices using the hashtag #warriorstyle.
This is the best career advice shes ever received: I was a manager and really thinking about taking the next step to become a director. And I was hesitating, asking myself Is it too much responsibility? My husband worked, and we had a young son at home, and I wasnt sure if I was ready to commit.
And my boss at the time, who was making me the offer, said: You know, sometimes when theres a door open you just have to push through and walk in.
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Inspire: TV president rewriting rules for the digital age
Debate: Is Sheryl Sandberg wrong on bossy ban?
Lidz-Ama Appiah, CNN contributed to this piece.

Sustainable not be entrepreneurs escort bayan

(CNN) — From ambitious teens taking on the world and tech pioneers breaking boundaries to maverick slum dwellers dreaming big escort bayan and trailblazing innovators tackling social problems, CNNs African Start-Up has been following the efforts of the continents innovative and determined bayan escort entrepreneurs to make their business dreams become reality.
Indeed, all across the continent, a growing wave of grassroots self-starters are taking bursa escort risks and defying obstacles to bring their money-making ideas to life. Armed with a can-do attitude and hopes of striking escort it big, theyre navigating a conundrum of challenges to pursue opportunities at a time when many African countries enjoy unprecedented levels of economic growth.
The entrepreneurial landscape in sub-Saharan Africa is absolutely excellent, says Mike Herrington, executive director of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) and professor at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Its on the increase because Africa, at last, has been emerging and the economies are booming — several countries are starting to really increase entrepreneurial activity and move to opportunity entrepreneurship, rather than necessity entrepreneurship, he adds. Opportunities abound and a positive spirit is emerging amongst the population of these countries.
So, Africas entrepreneurial spirit is alive and thriving — but how does it compare to the rest of the world?
Earlier this year, GEM published its annual report looking at the state of entrepreneurship globally. It found that sub-Saharan Africa is the region with by far the highest number of people involved in early-stage entrepreneurial activity (TEA), with Zambia and Nigeria leading the world rankings.

Its a womans world
Africa also leads the world in the number of women starting businesses, with almost equal levels of male and female entrepreneurs. In fact, in countries like Ghana, Nigeria and Zambia the women outnumber the men.
Source: Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2013 Global ReportINEZ TORRE/CNN
Overall, the continent has a much higher proportion of female entrepreneurs compared to other regions, with Nigeria and Zambia (both 40.7%) coming on top and countries like the United States (10.4%), the UK (5.5%), Norway (3.6%) and France (3.1%) lagging far behind.
According to Herrington, the main reason for this is because women in Africa need to earn an extra income to be able to afford to send their children to school.
Getting off the ground
Source: Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2013 Global ReportINEZ TORRE/CNN
Yet, does the high number of both male and female entrepreneurs tell the whole story? And do these impressive figures translate to sustainable startups that are able to grow and provide employment to the continents young population?
Factor-driven economies are mainly based on low-skilled labor and national resources. By comparison, efficiency-driven economies develop more efficient manufacturing processes and increase product quality, while innovation-driven economies are engaged in the production of new products by combining sophisticated technologies with a high-skill workforce and research.
In its analysis, GEM groups countries into geographic regions, but also according to their development stage: factor-driven, efficiency-driven and innovation-driven, each suggesting an increasing level of sophistication in the operation of the economy (see fact box on the left).
Most African nations surveyed are placed into the factor-driven stage, where early-stage entrepreneurial activity rates tend to be higher than the rates of owner-managers in established businesses (running more than three and a half years).
In other words, a high entrepreneurship rate does not necessarily mean the creation of a lot of jobs, explains Herrington. Those countries with low GDP per capita tend to have a very high entrepreneurial rate, because the larger corporations are not taking up a lot people to provide them with the so-called formal employment, he adds.
Calling it a day
Source: Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2013 Global ReportINEZ TORRE/CNN
Similarly, the continent might be buzzing with startups, but how long do these last?
According to GEM, the rate of business discontinuance tends to decrease as economic development increases. As a result, countries like Malawi and Angola that see many new businesses also experience high numbers of people abandoning their efforts after failing to make profits.
The discontinuance of businesses in the factor-driven economies is very high, says Herrington, citing the lack of education, market research and access to funding as the main reasons.
Fearless entrepreneurs
Source: Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2013 Global ReportINEZ TORRE/CNN
There are several factors hindering the survival and growth of small businesses in Africa — little government support, bureaucracy and lack of financial backing to cite a few more. Yet, all these constraints do little to prevent the continents budding entrepreneurs from trying their luck.
Tech start-up designs a better future
True, entrepreneurs might be optimistic by nature, but nowhere else in the world is this key drive toward success as present as in Africa.
The continents entrepreneurs boast the lowest levels of fear of failure, with just 24% responding that it would stop from starting a business and seizing business opportunities. In countries like Zambia, Uganda and Malawi the figure drops to as little as 15% — compare that to countries like the UK (36.4%) and the United States. (31%).
All you need is confidence
Source: Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2013 Global ReportINEZ TORRE/CNN
Its no surprise then that African entrepreneurs are also the most confident in the world in their ability and skills to start a business. In comparison, people in Malawi feel twice as self-assured about launching a startup as those in the UK.
Likewise, sub-Saharan Africa claims the top five spots for countries where people see good opportunities for starting a business and feel positive about entrepreneurship.
Herrington says that its these qualities, coupled with a need for better education and a focus on moving entrepreneurs from necessity to opportunity, that will drive the continents development.
Africa is going to have to rely on small businesses (SMEs) to provide the bulk of the employment, he says. In a lot of countries the SMEs contribute more than 50% of the GDP and more than 50% of employment, so if youre going to employ people in Africa and other developing countries its SMEs are the ones that are going to provide that.

Fires disasters theyre escort bayan well

Philadelphia (CNN) — Hazel Donnelly was taking her husband to the doctor when they got a call that their apartment escort bayan building was on fire.
Her first thought was about her 17-year-old cat, Kramer.
I dont have children on my own, so my escort cat is like my child. I became hysterical, said Donnelly, 50. What if (he) didnt make it?
Once she arrived home, bayan escort Donnelly implored firefighters to get her cat, but they were busy trying to control the blaze.
Then Red Paw Emergency Relief bayan escort ankara arrived. The nonprofit assists pets and their owners when disaster strikes. Jen Leary, a former firefighter who founded the group, met with building residents and, once the fire was out, retrieved the animals.
Jen Learys nonprofit responds to residential disasters such as fires, gas leaks and building collapses.
Everyone who received their pets started to cry, said Donnelly.
No one was hurt, but the Donnellys apartment had severe damage, and they werent sure where they were going to stay. Donnelly was thrilled to learn that Red Paw could provide free short-term care for Kramer.
When (someone) loses everything in a fire, they shouldnt then be forced to lose their pets — their family members — as well, Leary said. Letting them know, Well take care of your animal like it is our own, it means the world to people.
Since 2011, Leary and her group have provided emergency assistance to nearly 1,000 animals and their families throughout southeastern Pennsylvania.
Like the Red Cross, but for animals
Several years ago, Leary began working as a firefighter and American Red Cross volunteer. She would often arrive at a disaster scene and see traumatized survivors struggling to care for their pets.
Do you know a hero? Nominations are open for 2014 CNN Heroes
Theyd ask, What am I supposed to do with my dog? Who is going to help find my missing cat? How is my pet going to get medical care? said Leary, 36. There just wasnt anyone there to help the other part of the family.
Pets were sometimes taken to shelters or abandoned. The situation broke Learys heart.
When (someone) loses everything in a fire, they shouldnt then be forced to lose their pets — their family members — as well.

Jennifer Leary
After a devastating fire in 2011, Leary formed her organization and teamed up with the local chapter of the American Red Cross. Now, whenever the Red Cross responds to a disaster and discovers that an animal is involved, they call Leary. She believes its the only partnership of its kind in the United States — one she hopes to replicate in other cities.
Always on call
Learys group responds 24 hours a day, seven days a week to residential disasters such as fires, gas leaks and building collapses. Leary answers nearly all the calls herself. Her firefighter background gives her unique privileges.
Im allowed into situations that other people might not be, Leary said. Once the fire is out and theyre just hitting hot spots, Ill talk to the chief, and if they say its OK, Ill go in.
Rescuing animals is only part of what Red Paw does. Through a network of 400 volunteers, boarding facilities and veterinarians, the group provides emergency transportation, shelter, pet supplies and medical care to any pet involved in a disaster — all for free.
Learys home is the first stop for most animals that dont need immediate medical care. They usually stay with Leary for a few days while they get vaccinated, spayed and neutered, if necessary. Then they are moved to foster homes until their families are ready to take them back.
The groups roster of animals has also included rabbits, ferrets, fish, birds, turtles and other reptiles.
Reuniting families
Red Paw, which runs on donations, provides care for most animals for around 60 days. The groups caseworkers check in with the owners weekly. When families are reunited with their pets, they receive a kit of supplies.
Food, cat litter, bowls, medicine, whatever they need, said Leary. We want to make sure that theyre starting off the right way.
If a family cant take their pet back, the group will find the animal an adoptive home.
Red Paw cared for the Donnellys cat for more than three weeks.
I cried when we were reunited, said Donnelly. They went above and beyond. I am so grateful.
For Leary, helping families and their pets is what her work is all about.
My hope is that its a fresh start, and they can move forward together, she said. After going through such a sad thing, its so good to have a happy ending.
Want to get involved? Check out the Red Paw Emergency Relief Team website at and see how to help.